Titanium single mug 300

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Titanium of 0.4 mm thickness is adopted as a material, and it is surprisingly lightweight cup finished. It is also a design that can be stacked. Four sizes are prepared according to capacity.

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Brand: Snow Peak
  • Folded handle attachment: : The handle folds up when stored, and it is easy to grasp when using.
  •  “Drawing” to be formed from one titanium plate is made with the hands of craftsmen: Titanium mugs are produced by hand by craftsmen one by one. The reason is that titanium is hard to stretch and hard to process, which is said to be particularly difficult to process even among metals. It is the skill of a craftsman that clears the subject. The quality of the finish will feel a little change with craftsmen’s eyes and hands, and work will proceed while fine-tuning the press machine.
  • Realize a palatable mouthfeel: Since the mouth of the single wall has been subjected to curl treatment, it is a gentle taste. Also, since titanium is lightweight and has low thermal conductivity, heat transfer is dull, and it is difficult for the mouth to become hot in cups even if hot drinks are put.
  • size: φ 76.2 × H 82 mm
  • weight: 50 g
  • capacity: 300 ml
  • material: Titanium
  • function: Single Wall
  • Features: Capacity 300 ml of titanium single mug. A cup of single wall pursuing lightness. Not only camping but also at home and office.
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm


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