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Separate Ofuton Wide 700

Snow Peak

KD 147.000

Sleepy and completely different from envelope type! With double zipper on both sides, quilts and mattresses can be separated like a futon of a house. It can be used both vertically and horizontally, so you can use both hot and cold seasons.

Features of separate ofuton wide 700 [minimum temperature 2 degrees]:

  • You can partially cover the quilt: You can completely separate the "hanging" "ridges", you can sleep only on your stomach.
  • Temperature control by separating only the foot and chest: You can connect the "hanging" "ridge" and adjust the temperature by raising and lowering the fasteners of the feet and chest.
  • Open only the feet, to the tunnel shaped shruffs: When closing the fasteners on both sides completely and stopping the Velcro at your feet, the shruff turns into a tunnel shape.
  • "Hanging" "Ridge" is integrated to outstanding heat retention: You can sleep warmly by closing the fastener and turning over the feet of "hanging" and wrapping the "bedding".
  • "Hang + hanging" "splashing + bedding" can also be connected: With zippers on both sides you can use "hanging" as "hanging", "padding" as "large bedding" and connecting it as a big one.
  • Comfortable temperature: The temperature at which adult women of average shape can sleep comfortably.
  • Lower limit temperature: The limit temperature at which an average-size adult male can roll herself in a sleeping bag and gain about 8 hours of sleep
  • Washable down: Waterproofing is applied to the material itself down. It is an epoch-making material that can be washed, making maximum use of its ability to hold warm air with extremely low thermal conductivity down.
  • Deobrain: It is antibacterial · deodorant processing. It is a gentle function to keep the fabric clean and campers.
  • size: 105 x 210 cm (bedding), 110 x 200 cm (hanging)
  • weight: 2,140 g
  • Storage size: φ20 × 48 cm
  • Set content: Includes: Main body, Storage case, Storage case
  • Function: Antimicrobial and deodorant processing