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Radiate Classic 8″

Radiate Portable Campfire

KD 10.000

Have you ever wished you could sit and enjoy a fire without having to worry about the smoke, dwindling flames, and almost impossible-to-extinguish embers? Radiate campfires solve all of those problems—yes, all of them. Radiate Portable Campfires are portable, convenient, and reusable. With 3-5 hours of burn time and waterproof materials, this easy-to-use campfire will be your new outdoor must-have.

For adult use only- Please use caution. Do not place on flammable surfaces. Let can cool completely before moving. Do not leave unattended.  Wax is recycled, color may vary slightly.

Please note this product cannot be shipped out of Kuwait.

  • Easy to light & reusable portable campfire for camping, beach, and backyard
  • Non-toxic recycled soy wax
  • No smoky smell & low soot
  • No embers
  • Waterproof
  • 3-5 hours burn time
  • 30 year shelf life