Monterey Infrared Gas Grill

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Perfect your grilling skills with Magma’s completely redesigned Monterey II Infrared Gas Grill. The perfect addition for feeding a large crew, this versatile, portable, finely crafted grill is always ready for action. New features include: an elegant exterior design, a completely redesigned combustion system that keeps the grill lit even in heavy winds, a hermetically sealed thermometer, a dependable electronic ignition system, powered by a single “AAA” battery (included), and an ultra high-temp glass viewing window. Anti-Flare Infrared technology produces intense, evenly distributed heat, eliminating Flare-Up and immediately emulsifies drippings giving your meal a great smoky flavor. The primary and secondary grilling surfaces give you the option of searing, slow cooking, or warming. Constructed entirely of 18-8 mirror-polished stainless steel to withstand even the harshest environments. Equipped with fold-away table top legs for go-anywhere use. The swiveling control valve/regulator, designed to use standard disposable propane/butane mix Camping Gaz (CV270, CV270 Plus, CV470, or CV470 Plus) fuel canisters, allows for quick, safe fuel canister exchanges or easily adapt grill to existing on-board low pressure propane/butane or natural gas (CNG) fuel systems. Magma offers the largest selection of mounting options (sold separately) to customize the grill for your needs.  Heavy Duty mounting hardware is recommended.



Provided regulator goes with Campingaz CV300 Plus gas cartridge

Provided regulator goes with Campingaz CV470 Plus gas cartridge

Alternative Regulator for Coleman fuel

Alternative Coleman fuel canister: Propane Cylinder

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Infrared technology heats food directly using an intensely hot stainless-steel plate so your food has no direct exposure to the gas flame. Compared to traditional gas grills, infrared grills produce much higher, intense heat that is evenly distributed on the cooking surface. This uniform heat is ideal for grilling and searing meats as it cooks items quickly and retains the moisture barrier for juicier and more flavorful meat. Since infrared grills only take a few minutes to preheat, you can start grilling sooner saving fuel, time, and energy. Clean up is also quick and easy. When all is said and done, infrared grills are a versatile, convenient, and dependable tool for any BBQ enthusiast.



  • Dual Element Radiant Plate: Stainless steel radiant plate helps maximize fuel efficiency, provides perfect heat distribution, is easy to remove and clean up.
  • Largest Selection of Mounts: Magma offers the largest selection of mounting options to customize your grill to your boat.
  • Infrared Radiant Screens: Provides intense even heat for searing, reduces flare-ups, and eliminates blow outs.
  • Mirror Polished Marine Grade Stainless Steel: Constructed entirely of 100% 18-8 mirror polished, marine grade stainless steel to withstand the harshest marine environment.
  • Swiveling Control Valve: Allows for quick and safe fuel canister exchange.
  • Turbo Burner Design: Premixes air and fuel for a consistently hot blue flame.



Primary Cooking Grate: 12″x24″ (30.5×61 cm)

Secondary Cooking Grate: 5.5″x24″ (14×61 cm)

Total Cooking Area: 420″² (2710 cm²)

Serves: 8-10 People


Length: 28-3/4″ (73 cm) w/ valve attached

Width: 14-3/4″ (37.5 cm) lid closed

Height: 14-1/2″ (36.2 cm) lid and legs closed

Weight: 36.45 lb (16.54 kg)


Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 73 × 40 × 40 cm