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Grand Ofuton Double 1600

Snow Peak

KD 239.000

The sleep of the camp changes dramatically. By sleeping on a warm mat, the new idea of ​​using plenty of duvet feathers on the comforters. A good night's sleep than a house futon is good, is not it?

Features of Grand Ofuton Double 1600 [minimum temperature -15 degrees]:

  • Quilts of a structure that is difficult to create gaps: Both sides and bottom have folding back, making it difficult to create gaps with turning etc.
  • Wrapping of the head part: The head part can be turned up according to the season and taste.
  • A down tube is installed in the shoulder mouth: Prevent entry of cold from the shoulder mouth which is worrisome.Using synthetic fibers for folded parts: In the folding part (brown part) which comes into contact with the bottom of a tent etc., chemical fiber is used instead of down.
  • Mat storage case: A storage case with a pump is attached to the mat.
  • Mat: Matt is an inflatable mat with a thickness of 5 cm. Single is wide size 77 cm wide. Double is 63 cm for 2 (= 126 cm).
  • Corresponding temperature:
    Comfortable temperature: The temperature at which adult women of average shape can sleep comfortably.
    Lower limit temperature: The limit temperature at which an average-size adult male can roll herself in a sleeping bag and gain about 8 hours of sleep.
  • Washable down: Waterproofing is applied to the material itself down. It is an epoch-making material that can be washed, making maximum use of its ability to hold warm air with extremely low thermal conductivity down.
  • Deobrain: It is antibacterial · deodorant processing. It is a gentle function to keep the fabric clean and campers.
  • Mat cover with cotton to make Grand Ofton more comfortable: Mattress that supports sleep: The front fabric adopts T / C cotton with good touch. 5mm thick cotton plus moderate cushioning properties plus. The back fabric is subjected to non-slip processing, and it is hard to cause a gap between the mat cover and mat.
  • Connection that increases sense of unity with mat: The upper and lower connections of the mat cover can be installed simply by pulling the string through the loop. It is easily detachable design even in the space restricted movement such as inside the tent. Also equipped with a connection loop to use when you want to further improve the sense of unity between the mat and mat cover. The connection loop has parts to connect with the quilt of Grand Ofuton.
  • size: Quilt / 1,700 × 1,800 mm, mat / 1,260 × 1,930 mm
  • weight: Quilt / 3.7 kg, mat / 3 kg (including storage cases)
  • Storage size: Quilt / φ 380 x 580 mm, mat / φ 250 x 740 mm
  • set content: Quilt, mat, storage case for comforters, pump storage case for mats
  • Lower limit temperature: -15 degrees