Event date: November 26, 2019

Location: Explorers Base Store - Shuwaikh

Explorers Base gives back to the ski enthusiasts “The Ski Technique workshop” tailored by Warren Smith academy.

The Warren Smith Ski Academy brings together some of the sports top professionals to create a unique coaching team that actually guarantees ski technique solutions.

Being an avid skier and a ski master, Warren Smith spoke about various skiing techniques, where to begin, and how to excel. The state-of-the-art course was attended by over 60 people and was exclusively sponsored by Explorers Base at its store.

Event date Feb 03, 2018 - Mutla

Event date Nov 1-2, 2016 Marina Waves Seaside - Salmiya  

Event date Oct 25 - Oct 29, 2016 Location: Hall No. 8 Kuwait International Fairs Ground