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Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for the silent sports: climbing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail running.

Worn Wear: We accept Patagonia clothing’s made of polyester (Not Cotton) for repair.

If you are keen to adopt an active lifestyle, first things first: you’ll need the proper clothing and right gear. Whether it is the day backpack for trekking or a sweater hoodie for winter hiking that will protect you from the cold, you should consistently make sure you’re purchasing high-quality products. That’s where Patagonia comes in. Specialized outdoor clothing is non-negotiable when it comes to extreme outdoor activities. Even if you are not climbing a cliff or a peak anytime soon, outdoor gear is equally crucial for any adventure travel, whether it is a small hike or kayaking. The last thing you want to experience while trekking in Nepal is a leaky rain jacket or blistering feet on a morning trek in Bali. However, even metropolitan travel can reach for outdoor apparel pieces, like a convertible jacket or pants that work on multiple occasions.

Outdoor clothing is finally trendy; there is no requirement to invest in a ton of apparel or gear. Instead, just those few cornerstone items from a good brand like Patagonia will do the job. Because without the proper attire, boots, rucksacks, tents, and sleeping bags, you will not be able to thrive in your dream escape.If you are thinking of a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip anytime soon, you want to make sure that you got your hand on the best outdoor clothing brand like Patagonia. Because once you are out there in the wild, you will have enough challenges coming your way. Having gear and clothing from Patagonia will help you free your mind and concentrate on your adventure.

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Baby Down Sweater Vest

KD 28.000